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We have impacted 20,000+ people and counting!


India: 18 Clean Water Wells, planting ~50,000 Tree Saplings, 3 Bee Training / Hives

Bangladesh: 30 Clean Water Wells

Tanzania: 1 Clean Water Well,  12 Months of Water Delivery truck

Puerto Rico (USA): Provided Water Filters for 150 Families (post Hurricane Maria)

Spicer & Andie's Community: India, Well #1

Sponsor: Spicer & Andie

Date Complete: Dec 2016

Location: Sukumari Village, Block Gosaba, India

Population: ~1200 Residents

Linda's Community: India, Well #2

Sponsor: Pinch Of Colour

Date Complete: 2017

Location: Dhonpota, Mograhat, South 24 Parganas

Population: 800 – 1000 Residents

Patti's Community: India, Well #3

Sponsor: Patti Moorehouse

Date Complete: June 2017

Location: Kalikapota, Jalghora, Mograhat 1, India

Population: ~1000 Residents

Curtin Family Community: India, Well #4

Sponsor: Curtin Family

Date Complete: Sept 2017

Location: Kochukhali, 5 Block, Gosaba, India
Population: 940 – 1000 Residents

Khurana Family Community: India, Well #5

Sponsor: Khurana Family

Date Complete: June 2018

Location: Rhadanagar - Taranagar, Block Gosaba, India

Population: ~1000 Residents